School Violence Research Topics

School violence research topics list is intended to help readers develop an informed opinion about the issue of school violence and crime. If school violence is a major issue, what is the cause? Are out-of-control kids to blame? The media? Poor parenting? Weak gun control laws? A drug culture? Or something else entirely? This section provides information about the scope and extent of crime and violence on school and university campuses, including incidents involving shootings as well as property crimes, hate crimes, cybercrimes, sexual crimes, and more.

Key points made in this section include the following:

  • School crime and violence is difficult to measure (readers will learn why).
  • Violence and crime occur at all levels of schooling, from kindergarten through college.
  • There is no specific “profile” of a perpetrator—even educators are sometimes violent against students.
  • Perpetrators have different motives for different types of offenses, and criminological theory can help us understand these rationales.
  • Responses to school crime and violence vary, and many have rarely been evaluated.
  • There are a great deal of great resources available for youth, parents, educators, and the general reader who wants to know more, get involved, or get help.

The articles in this section are organized as a list of entries by topic is included for ease of research. School violence essay topics in form of discussion questions and activity ideas for teachers are included so that students can extend their understanding of school and campus crime and violence beyond what they read in the articles.

School Violence Research Topics List

School Violence Cases

School Violence Correlates and Prevalence

School Violence Court Cases

Global Comparison of School Violence

Measuring School Violence

Media and School Violence

School Violence-Related Organizations

School Violence Prevention

Responses to School Violence

Theories of School Violence

Types of School Violence

It is true that certain types of crime and violence in and around school and university campuses occur with regularity. But, instead of the extreme cases involving an armed gunman (and the rare female shooter), the greatest risk actually stems from the more mundane property crime. Additionally, dating violence, race-related offenses, and other forms of harassment are commonplace in educational institutions. Technology has worsened the situation, with rates of cyber-offenses strikingly high, although accurate statistics on this phenomenon are difficult to find. Further, when drug and alcohol use and abuse are included in the picture, we see that not only is crime and violence in and around schools an issue of concern, but one that most people have misunderstood. Many times, stereotypes and misconceptions prevent us from recognizing, and thus appropriately responding to, other forms of crime and violence.

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