Citation and Content Analysis


I. Introduction

II. Citation Analysis

A. What Is Citation Analysis?

B. Alternatives to Citation Analysis

C. Advantages of Citation Analysis

D. Problems With Citation Analysis

E. Other Sources of Citation Analysis Data

F. Concluding Remarks

III. Content Analysis

A. What Is Content Analysis?

B. Types of Content Analysis

C. Advantages of Content Analysis

D. Disadvantages of Content Analysis

E. Concluding Remarks

IV. Conclusion and Bibliography

I. Introduction

Citation and content analyses are two methodological techniques used by criminologists for a variety of purposes. Citation analysis is a way of evaluating the scholarly impact of a scholar, scholarly work, journal, book, or academic department within a discipline. Content analysis allows criminologists to systematically examine the contents of a book, article, television program, or other work. It is often used as a way of discovering patterns within individual works or bodies of work. Both are quantitative methods that are less likely to be affected by personal bias than other techniques. This research paper discusses each technique in detail, including a review of the advantages and problems of each method.

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